Young Philanthropists Initiative (YPI) is a peer community that spurs the next generation of philanthropists to maximize their giving and involvement in charitable causes.


About YPI

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Inspired by The Giving Pledge, YPI engages people from all industries who are under 50 years old with $50M or more in assets. YPI asks its members to commit to allocating at least 50% of their fortunes to charitable causes during their lifetimes or at their deaths and to involving themselves in non-profit leadership and volunteerism.

Take the Pledge

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Membership to YPI is by invitation. If you've received a letter from us with membership information, please click here to join us and begin changing the world. To request an invitation, visit our Contact page.


What's New


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"There are only so many ways to spend money. The trappings of wealth look almost identical from one person to the next. Philanthropy, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to create. There, one can innovate and make use of wealth in a way that is unique. I want my peers to join me now in establishing a legacy that will make the world a significantly better place."

-Peter G. Dodge
Founder, Young Philanthropists Initiative